Let me introduce myself...

Skip... From The Netherlands, a.k.a. Von Skip'
Gasoline or Blood? Certainly a 24/7 Autoholic!

For more then over a decade involved....
with so much everything you can connect with "Kustom Kulture".
USA Classic Cars... Socalled "Hot Rods & "Custom" Cars in Particular.

Founder of Rod City Garage... My work's variate from making Oil Paintings, Photography, Pinstriping, Kustom Car (Parts) Furniture. Worldwide Search for Parts n Cars.
But... mainly I spend my time burning midnight oil in my garage (re)building mostly Pre 60's USA Classic's.

I had/have, drove/drive my fair share of rare and "different" Classic Cars and plans are going on with that until the end 🤘

Here at this point. I want to share about everything that I've collected in the past & run across in the future.

Hope you dig this site and appreciate it that much...
That The Virus Hooks you up ( if it didn't allready have )
and keeps you coming back once in a while or on a regular base...

Have fun! Any Notes... Questions or Whatsoever?

Feel Free to CONTACT me!
Cheers Von Skip'


  1. I really like your site. Thought I would send you a note to let you know. Truck Tues is my favorite. Currently building a 1931 chev pick up.I only had the fire wall so I had to fabricate the entire body box from scratch. Never had so much fun.

  2. Thanks for the thumbs up! am exited about your project and will be watching ;-)

  3. Great site, I bought the Electroline headlights to fit on my 1929 Desoto hot rod

  4. Like your site " Von Skip" !! Keep up the good work!

  5. Ha Von Skip!
    Amazing website.
    Ben ook erg benieuwd wat u op dit moment heeft staan aan auto's. Misschien heeft u wel interesse om mee te helpen aan een huwelijksaanzoek? Ik ben bezig met een korte film voorafgaand aan mijn huwelijksaanzoek aan mijn vriendin. Ik ben nog op zoek naar twee van dit soort Amerikaanse auto's, één voor the good guy en één voor de bad guys. Het is niet persé nodig dat iemand anders dan u in de auto rijd hoor. Heeft u misschien interesse om mee te helpen óf kent u iemand die hieraan met zijn auto wil meehelpen?
    Contact me: verrassing@basja.nl.
    Thanks!!! Bas.

  6. trying to get a hold or number to the chevy school bus for sale please help=== already posted coments chupisalicia940@yahoo.com

  7. I'd love to share my art. And check me out @LPEGardner #FrontlineImage

  8. After asking my questions and looking over your webpage(s) I GOTTA TELL EVERYBODY I KNOW ABOUT YOUR SITE. THIS IS BETTER THAN PORN !!!

  9. Hi . I do not speak inglish , but really enjoy tour site ,
    Thanks for sahera your time wuth us