Truck Tuesday - 1936 Ford Pick Up

1936 Ford Pick Up Truck / Chopped / Hotrod

T Ford Thursday - 1927 Ford T Bucket

1927 Ford T Bucket, 302 V8,  5 Speed

Midweek Muscle - 1970 Plymouth Superbird

1970 Plymouth Superbird. Outrageous and Extreme,
This Aero Warrior was Designed to Dominate NASCAR and it Did.
Regulations Required 1,920 Road Cars to be Built for the Superbird to be Raced

Sedan Sunday

1930 Ford Model A Hotrod, Buick Nailhead, Hilborn Injection, Chopped & Channeled

Skippic Saturday - 1965 Dodge Polara

My Current 383CUI, Daily Driver...


1960 Dodge Truck Data Tag

1960 Dodge Town Wagon Power Wagon Panel Van
Patent Plate / Vin Tag / Serial Number Plate.

M(ech)anic Monday

19-02-1946, Press photo.Show's River Rouge Plant at a Halt,
During one of the Many Postwar Labor Union Strikes

Sedan Sunday - 1928 Ford Model A Tudor

1928 HEMI Powered Ford Model A Tudor HotRod

Skippic Saturday - 1956 Nash Dash Speedo Cluster

Last Week made some real good progress, even took a evening to dismantel this 1956 Nash Speedo Cluster to Make It work again and hooked it Up on My Ford T9 Trans...
As I wasnt planing to use the temp, Oil, etc Gauges...
I did a small "VonSkip" Modification ;-)

M(ech)anic Monday

1950s Buick Assembly Line...

Skippic Saturday - 1967 Kaiser Jeep M715

This week I'd installed a new carpet in this 1967 Kaiser Jeep M715...