Jaguar XJ6 / XJ12 IFS Swap Encyclopedia

This page is still under construction,
meaning I will be adding even more info / links later on...(Updated: 11-2023)

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If you are going for a Independent Front Suspension Swap and your frame width is not more then 34" = 86.36cm. You could go for a Jaguar Front Suspension.

These can be soft mounted... meaning that the install is done by the original Jaguar mounting points.
This works great and is a sort of easy install.

But... If your goal is to go as low as possible...
I would recommend getting rid of all original mounting points and go for the hard mount option, by welding some mountingplates on top of the xmember that can de bolted to you frame rails...

When looking for a Jag IFS donor?
I Personally would look for a Series 2 because they have the most usable parts but the Series 3 would be my second choice.

The main reason to go for the series II option is:
Series 2 Jag are from about 1974-78 and run four spot calipers and vented discs.
The Series 3 Jag are from about 1979-86 and also run four spot calipers and vented discs.
Where the Series 1 Jag are from about 1969-73 and run twin spot front brake calipers and non vented discs.
IF you have a Series 1, you can swap the series 2 and 3 spindles and brakes onto them.

Before I did my Jag IFS swap I did major research on the web about this... Thought it would be good to share
In case of someone hunting for the same info.

Track width (the distance between the centerline of two wheels on the same axle) of the Jag IFS = 59.5" = 151.13 cm
This seems ideally for example... a stock F100 Ford = 60"
Thats why F100 owners moslty go for the Jag IFS Swap
By the way, the F100 frame seems to be 34" wide
So "We" wouldnt suggest using the Jag IFS on anything wider then this 34" = 86.36cm
You seem to, already have to cut a small section out of the towers when going for this option on your F100

What would be handy in the first place, but I couldn't seem to find anywhere on the web...
Is a Image with the exact measurements of the Xmember, to See if the IFS could actually Fit.
Below / Here are my measurements...

I found a used Jag XJ6 Front...

As It was a used one, desided to tear it down and add some new parts. As I was going for the "Solid" mount option, I could delete the soft mount brackets.
See the red dashed line at the image below...

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