Jaguar IFS Swap - Lower Wishbone (Fulcrum) Shaft Removal...

I found this used 1974 Jag XJ6 IFS about 250km from my place. As It was a used one, desided to tear it down and add some new parts. As I was going for the "Solid" mount option, I could delete the soft mount brackets.

Normally you can just remove the castle nut and carefully hammer the fulcrum shaft out
But... in my case, this was the most painful time consuming job as the shaft was totally rusted in crossmember pipe/case

After days of heating, cooling, penetrating, hammering and patience... No Luck. Except Eventually wrecking the castle nut and smacking the fulcrum shaft...

Couldn't get the damn things out, so went for a more barbaric method...
Cut the shaft just along the bushings with a reciprocating saw ( See white arrows on image . above)

Now the wishbone was off, but still a real pain to get the "frozen"shaft out
Managed to get a bit off motion after putting it under my press

Still had to do a lot of hammering / beating it for a while with a punch and hammer, finally they came out!

Here's an example of how the lower wishbone fulcrum shaft and bushings need to be mounted

Here is a list of parts needed for your IFS (fulcrum shaft) rebuilt

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