Skippic Saturday - Snare Drum Light By VonSkip

Nothing To Do With Cars... But If You Follow My Blog You Know I'm Also a Sucker For Custom Lamps...
This Week I Made This Custom Peace Snare Drum Light for my Buddy Rob's Birthday, Turned Out Great I Think.

Skippic Saturday - @ Turner's Auto Wrecking

Here's One Cool Shot I Took While Trippin The USA In 2017 With The Boys From Petrol Industries. Picture Taken at That Awesome Place... Turner's Auto Wrecking Fresno, CA

Midweek Muscle - 1967 Chevrolet Biscayne

Muscle Car... Well, It Could Be and In My Opionion It Should Be.
There's a Lot of Time and Money Invested in This Ride, I Can Assure. But I'd Rather Seen it More Muscle Like then Lowrides Like with Torque Thrust Wheels. Aslo... Think Wired Wheels Would Suite More In This Case. But Hey... It's Not My Ride and Everybody Is Free To Do What They Want with Their Ride.