Jaguar XJS - XJ6 - XJ12 Wheel & Bolt Pattern Info

Jag IFS Wheel bolt Pattern Info:
The 1974 Jaguar XJ bolt pattern is 5x120.65.
You can use almost any traditional Chevy wheel.
As the (small) Chevrolet bolt pattern is 5 X 4.75 (5x120.7)

But keep in mind... two things:

First: Jags use the 5 on 4.75 bolt pattern but they use SAE 1/2"-20 (Ford size lugs (1/2") studs where GM uses 7/16"-20.

Second: Check the diameter of the center hole/register....

The center hole can be a problem if trying to use Chevy wheels on the Jag Hub, because the Jaguar hub center is 74mm versus the 70.3mm of the Chevy rims.

Put Jag wheels elsewhere... no probs, as their hub diameter require a larger-than-typical any (GM) wheel.

If the Jag center hub is to wide... there's plenty of material to machine them off if necessary.

Most Chevy wheels do have a bunch of backspace though, so that will bear checking...
Typically wheels from Gen 3 Camaro's and C4 Corvettes seem to have the right offset.

Tip: Get a jag wheel from a scrap yard...put it on and see how they look.
Two tucked...get a wider wheel with less offset.
The important thing is the center of the wheel. Use the Jag wheel to identify the center line of the wheel in your chassis. Try to maintain that center line as best as you can.

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