Jaguar IFS Coil Spring Removal...

Another thing when you are going for a Jag (Xj6 / Xj12) IFS Swap is removing the Coil Springs...

To work on the Ball joints and some other work... I needed to remove the coils / Springs.
Jaguar made a special tool for this but I didnt have it, nor wanted to buy it.
So...I went for a Piece of (1 mtr) threaded Rod and cut that into 4 equal pieces (of 25cm)
One piece rod of 3 ft devided into 4 equal pieces will do also...

You will need:
* 1x (1 mtr or 3FT) 3/8 UNF High Tensile Threaded Rod.
* 12 x 3/8 UNF nuts.

First take out the original bolts one at the time... replacing it for the piece of 3/8 UNF rod and put one nut below and two (double) nuts on top, for safety.  

See image & vid below on how I did this...

This is an pretty exiting job, dont rush... patience please.
If you want to be more safe... you can put a strong chain or so around the spring / tower for extra safety in case the spring wants to pop out!

Anyways... Be Carefull! Coils are out to Kill You!

As It was real time consuming to get the coils out by hand with a wrench
I'd desided to make quick tool. cut a socket in half and welded a bit bigger pipe to it.
This wat I could use it with my ratched without touching the upper double (locking) nuts

Note: If the video(s) wont play directly... double click on the (red) arrow....

Good Luck!

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