Jaguar IFS - Torque Specs / Tightening Torque...

Below Some Jaguar Independent Front Suspension (IFS)
Torque Specs. If you rather have it in FT LBS HERE is a NM to FT LB converter

Top Upper Fulcrum Shaft
Torque Specs: 66-74 NM

Top / Upper Fulcrum Shaft Bushings
Torque Specs: 66-74 NM

Lower Fulcrum Shaft / Bushings / Nut
Torque Specs: 47-67 NM

Upper Ball Joint
Torque Specs: 47-67 NM

Lower Ball Joint
Torque Specs: 62-74 NM

Lower Spring Seat
Torque Specs: 37-43 NM

Stub Axle Shaft
Torque Specs: 109-122 NM

Hub to Disc
Torque Specs: 50-64 NM

NOTE: When installing a Jag IFS, the following items should be torqued under vehicle weight:

* Upper Wishbone Fulcrum Shaft Nuts
* Lower Control Arm Bushings
* Anti Roll Bar Link and Bushings
If you cannot place your car or truck on the ground...
You could... place two tall jack stands under the lower ball joints on either side.
Lowering the car on the jack stands will allow the weight of the vehicle to compress the front springs.

With the front suspension in its upward position:
A) Tighten and torque the nuts on the upper wishbone fulcrum shaft.(You have already torqued the Fulcrum shaft to the subframe)
B) Tighten and torque the lower control arm bushings
C) Tighten the Anti roll bar bushings
D) Tighten the Anti roll bar links
Install wheels and lower the vehicle to the ground
Bounce the car a few times and you are DONE!

Here's another Torque Specs Table... I Found Online: 

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