Jaguar IFS Upper Front Shock Mount...

When installing a Jaguar (XJ6 - XJ12 IFS) Independent Front Suspension in your car or truck,
you need to fab some upper shock mounts, as at the Jaguar this is integrated into the body / sheet metal.

As far as I know, there are 2 ways to mount your upper front shock mounts...

1: Weld to the top of the IFS / Crossmember tower.
2: Bolt or Weld to the top frame.

I choose the first option... Used 50x50x50x4mm Mild Steel Box Section, also called: square tube, to make the brackets.

Here's my drawing for my shock towers

I went for the original Jag front shocks (1968-95): KYB KG4540 Gas-a-Just Gas Shock

You can choose other, shorter ones also, but I didn't. So I wont go there as far as more info...  

Below some measurements I did wen the shocks came in.

The mounting position, as I did it, measures 5.5 inch (approx 14cm) from mount bolt of the upper arm, to top shock mount.

Below are some more examples I found on the interweb...

The Mount show'n above (4 images) are made by and can be ordered @ MEXGARARE

The ones below (2 images) are made by and can be ordered @ Peter Gough Toprodz / Melbourne

Below is a shorter version, so you need te run shorter (size/type?) shocks too in this case...

Below some examples of the ones mounted / welded to the frame

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