What's on your... BBQ

Nice weekend Ya'll! Good wheater coming up... so get that BBQ & Burgers out! Reminds me of this genius old school track by the Nekromantix. What's on your neighbours BBQ ;-] 

Vintage 40's Dodge @s

Trucks aren't Horses, thats for sure! ha'
During my search for some info on the '47 panel project I ran into these old school same period ads. Awesome! Too bad there isn't much more documentation left on these rare trucks these days...

Truck Tuesday

1940 Cadillac pick up... Love it, or hate it!? Don't know much about this PU... Only that it seems to have a cut up a 60 Special body by fleetwood and a Studebaker bed. Me... like the huge headlights, paint and it's one of a kindness!

"Sedan Sunday"

Dansk Tatovering

Danish Tattooing,  makes me want to get some new ink!

Dansk Tatovering / Danish Tattooing
"Danish Tattooing” traces the visual development from 1895 up to the present day, the Golden Age of the 1960s...Particularly rich on fascinating tales from a rough scene.

The book is full of anecdotes and historical photographs of larger-than-life characters and tattooing hotspots: the raw Nyhavn, where sailors and drunk Swedes got their tattoos, and the even rougher Istedgade, which developed into a new tattooing hub in the 1980s.

Copenhagen was the heart and soul of tattooing in Scandinavia until the mid-seventies. The book returns to the present by portraying 14 working tattoo artists, along with their distinctive artwork.

Buy the Book (UK)
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Buy the Book (DENMARK)

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