1957 GMC Task Force Truck

Rolled this huge task force truck off a even bigger flatbed today... A bit crusty and has some few hours of welding ahead to be one solid piece again, but man what a cool truck! No real plans with it at this time though... first pulled out the bench for a good cabin clean up and maybe do some urgent patchwork coming weeks. Still in doubt to just use it as storage/deco or go and make it complete, running and go for Dutch registration...Well. We'll see...

1957 GMC 370 F-model truck,
GMC 302 Inline 6, automatic-transmission & a 3 piece hood!!!

1955 - 1959 GMC F-Model Task Force Trucks...
went up to 1959. Then the "F" model became the 48' tilt cab
(in 1960) better known as the "Crackerbox" truck.
The F series have a BBC (bumper to back of cab) of 89".

Moenza - "Rustolicious" - by Nanouk Weijnen

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