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What can I say... If you don't know this guy allready? Shame on you! Take a sec and catch up your stalled hot rod and custom history knowledge as...

Robert Eugene Winfield, also known as "Windy" is one legendary kustomizer, painter and hot rod racer from Mohave California. Born at June 16, 1927, Springfield Missouri. Member of the Modesto Century Toppes and the Glendale Sidewinders Car Club.  Before he started to build cars he was  into photography and building and customizing model airplanes. The first car he ever bought was a 1929 Ford Model A Coupe. Gene added two antennas, foxtails, and wig wag taillights and hopped it up so he could go street racing with it. At first when he got it, it was black but Gene changed that painting it dark blue instead.
This '29 Model A was the first car painted by Gene Winfield EVER. 

Working on his own and on his brothers car, Gene started to get questions from other folks wanting him to work on their cars also. At the beginning he was just doing simple modifications such as lowering suspension and shaving emblems. But once business was picking up he also started doing more difficult jobs like modifying head- and taillights, changing grilles and finnaly top chop's, sectioning and channeling. One of the first cars Gene did some major body work on was Alvin Serpa's 1946 Ford Convertible.

Another Gene Winfield ride... 1935 Ford Custom Truck

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