Die Hard(s)...(Sorry Dutch)

Eindhoven's Daily news 6-20-2011.
Artikel about last edition of the "Amerikanenmeeting" Wintelre.
Guess who's up front and titled as one of the "Die Hards". Well... Just did the aprox 200 miles trip to Bottrop the day before... so guess they're not lying? F the wheater... it's built to ride! Who cares for a pair of resonated eardrums, wet socks and trousers anyway, ha'. Thanks to Polle... for joining me on both trips and sending this piece of paper to "In Press"


Coincidence? My old barn & '51 Ford F1 pick up, both getting a hard time at this moment by company's that get paid of our$? Well,  hopefully we get some good news 2Day.
Fingers Crossed 4 Bruno!

Two Times Backwards

Nothing to do with cars but.... Remember this? "Drop" by The Pharcyde, released in 1995.  First single of the second album LabCabinCalifornia. Contains the "mmm..... drop" sample of the Beasty Boys song "The New Style". The genius music video was directed Spike Jonze and filmed in LA. He filmed the group performing the song backwards,  even the lyrics! and then replayed it backwards. This combined with the chopped, spacey beat of the song gives the video a real cool surrealistic touch... awesome thinking!

The making of...

Sedan Sunday

Here's another cool 1928 Ford 2-door Armory "Rat Rod" Sedan. A real nice build Hot Rod that has some cool features! Body is shortened approx 4" and chopped 5. Custom designed/fabricated and boxed chassis. Triangulated K-member. Air bags in rear incl custom 4-bar rear suspension system. 8.8 Ford rearend with drum brake axle assembly. Old school suicide front end I-beam, hairpins, mono leaf front spring and '40 Ford brakes. SBC engine with 700R4 auto tranny. Edelbrock cross-ram Intake with 6x2 built by vintage speed. Quick disconnect steeringwheel. The Kelsey Hayes Artilery wheels (powder coated drab green) are the bomb!

A nice "Secret" weekend

Have a nice weekend Y'all! Seems we have a couple of sunny days ahead and we happen to know... there's a freakin nice special Kustom K event coming up this sunday! For those invited, see you there! Nice opportunity to bring out "The Rat" wouldn't you think

Take a Seat

Ran into these superb metal seats on some guy's face book (sorry can't remember witch one) High Level build seats... check that Tuck & Roll and them oval cut-outs! Mighty Fine Craftsmanship!

Bagged '53 Chevy

Here's something else... Dustin McClellan's Custom 1953 Chevy. It's been chopped and bagged, has a Mustang2 front clip and a Air Ride Technologies air ride setup. Rolls on Coker Bias tires on stock 15" steel wheels. Also features a pair of tunneled headlights and a 3 deuce tri power setup.

Photo Above by: Paul Swanson, Swanee's Photographee LINK

Video by Glovers Garage

1929 HEMI Coupe

Belonged to my buddy Mark, awesome '29 Hemi powered Coupe! Body chopped 5”, Channelled 4” Frame has 14” Z at rear and 4” at front. Custom pinstriping and Lettering. Check old RodCityGarage's @ HERE for More Pix N Details!


Truck Tuesday

Let's go 50's Chevy this week... Here's a nice 1954 truck I ran into several years ago...had a 350 combo if I remember correctly. Not by the hands of time but some nice handmade "Patina". Bagged at all four corners. Awesome... Just the way we like it!

The Lost of Ryan Dunn...

Bad news... seems that Ryan Dunn from Jackass was killed in car crash today!  June 20, 2011.

He (34 years old) and another passenger died at about 2.30am local time when the car the were travelling hit a tree and burst into flames in West Goshen, Pennsylvania. Dunn was identified by his tattoos, according to a witness who was on the scene when the bodies were pulled from the wreckage. The mother of Dunn's Jackass co-star Bam Margera reportedly called a local radio station to confirm that he was killed in a car accident. Dunn was one of my favorite crazy dudes of Jackass, the MTV show in which he and a group including Margera and Johnny Knoxville conducted crude, ridiculous and often dangerous pranks and stunts. Jackass ran for three series on MTV from 2000, followed by three movies and several spin-off shows.












Source: Wikipedia

Sedan Sunday

Awesome 30’s Ford Sedan... 1949 Ford Flathead V8, Speedway Motors Super 97 carbs, C-4 Ford tranny tubed to a 9 inch Ford rear end. ‘40 Ford front brakes. Suicide doors, tube frame, removable steering wheel. Aluminum radiator. Headlights turn with the front wheels!  


Tomorrow June 19th... Amerikanenmeeting Wintelre. (Nearby Eindhoven). If you like good music and nice cars, check this out!