Funny Cars...

Haha... Kidding! Of course I meant Funny cars, also called "floppers"... wich ride a pro class of drag race!
Drag racing is car racing in a straight line from a simontaniously start, the first car that crosses the finish line wins! Funny cars feature forward-mounted engines and get their name because they look like regular stock cars, but with over-sized rear wheels & tirs placed more forward than usual to improve performance.

Drag racing originated in the United States after World War II. The National Hot Rod Association (NHRA), which has been the major governing body of drag racing throughout the sport's history, was founded in California in 1951 by Wally Parks. The second largest governing body, the International Hot Rod Association (IHRA), was founded in 1970 by Tennessee businessman Larry Carrier, and is now owned by Feld Entertainment. The first funny cars were created in the 1960s by altering regular cars to make them suitable for drag racing. Some of the original models are still raced today in Heritage Hot Rod races. Popular models include the Chevy Impala, Dodge Charger, and Ford Mustang. In addition to their altered wheel configuration, and fuel systems, floppers have twin parachutes to ensure the safety of the driver and fans by helping the car to decelerate and stabilize after a race.

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