Giving me sweat

Damn that Chevy Van heater core is giving me sweat even if it's not working! Found a "small" leakage under the dash so decided to replace the small greasy sucker before it's realy too late. Means ripping out the complete dash!!! Bit foolish thinking at that Chevy plant wouldn't you think? Anyway... new core is on it's way, hopefully we get everything back in position and working again soon.

Here a summing up of things to do while replacing a  1979/1996 G20 Chevy Van  heater core... 1st, Remove hoses connected to the core tubes and drain the engine coolant. Remove access Engine Cover, Instrument panel and other stuff mounted in and up the dash. Than lower the steering column for access. Remove complete panel. Disconnect and remove outlet duct(s) and defroster duct screw(s), temperature control cable and defroster control cable. Remove Heater case. At Last... three nuts at the Engine compartment side of the distributor case and one screw on the passenger side (inside) will give you clearance to tilt the case assembly rearward and lift it so the core tubes clear the dash openings and it comes out. Felt like "The First Rebirth"

Jones & Stephenson... Woensdag "gehaktdag" (dag t nie)

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