VolksRod Bug

Here my UK bud Dale's UberCool VolksRod Bug...

Recently completed and on the (UK) road beginning of June so has mot. A basic run down as the pictures do the talking really...
It's a 1968 body with 7" chop, suicide doors, tubbed and other subtle body mods.
Chassis is registered 1972 it's been lowered alot with dropped spindles, adjusters and a z'd bab extender.
Gearbox raised 4" so none of that nasty camber.
1934 17" Ford wire wheels on custom Billet adapters with Firestone crossplys all round!
Interior is very bare with B52 style bomber seats, stewart warner gauges etc...
Engine is a 1679 with twin kadrons, full flow, alternator etc...
Everything is either new or has been renewed and has stainless fixings throughout, windows are only lexan but plenty good enough for this. It's not briliant the paint is a little ropey and It's not exactly straight but that isn't the look Dale was going for.

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  1. I like your blog. Especially the work done on the rods - so awesome! Keep it up!

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