American Graffiti

1973 Old School Movie... Set in 1962 Modesto, California.
Co-written/directed by George Lucas.... Starring Paul Le Mat, Richard Dreyfuss and Ron Howard (Richie/Happy Days)

Kind of slow and sluggish story untill Bob Falfa shows up and provokes John Milner. Falfa drive's a '55 Chevy which had a big 427 CUI V8 engine in it... actually that one wasn't around in 1962. In real life 1962 Milner's light ass '32 Ford (337 CUI V8 engine) would of waxed that 55er all day long! Me especially like the... End. A straight quarter mile race between both cars.... If you haven't seen this Classic... You're a...!??

Recent high school graduates and longtime friends Curt Henderson and Steve Bolander meet John Milner, and Terry "The Toad" Fields at the local Mel's Drive-In parking lot. Despite receiving a $2,000 scholarship, Curt is undecided if he wants to leave the next morning with Steve to go to the Northeastern United States to begin college. Steve lets Toad borrow his 1958 Chevy Impala for the evening and while he will be away at college. Steve's girlfiend Laurie, who is also Curt's younger sister, is unsure of Steve leaving, to which he suggests they see other people while he is away to "strengthen" their relationship.
Curt, Steve and Laurie go to the local sock hop, while Toad and Milner begin cruising. En route to the hop, Curt sees a beautiful blonde girl in a white 1956 Ford Thunderbird. She mouths "I love you" before disappearing down the street. After leaving the hop, Curt is desperate to find the mysterious blonde, but is coerced by a group of greasers ("The Pharaohs") through an initiation rite that involves hooking a chain to a police car and successfully ripping out its back axle. Curt is told rumors that The Blonde is either a trophy wife or prostitute, which he immediately refuses to accept.

Steve and Laurie break up following a series of arguments, and Milner inadvertently picks up Carol, an annoying teenybopper who seems fond of him. Toad, who is normally socially inept with girls, meets a flirtatious and somewhat rebellious girl named Debbie. Meanwhile, Curt learns that DJ Wolfman Jack broadcasts from just outside of Modesto, and inside the dark, eerie radio station, Curt encounters a bearded man he assumes to be the manager. Curt hands the manager a message for The Blonde to call him or meet him. As he walks away, Curt hears the voice of The Wolfman and realizes he had been speaking with him.
The other story lines intertwine until Toad and Steve end up on "Paradise Road" to watch Milner race against the arrogant Bob Falfa, with Laurie as Falfa's passenger. Within seconds Falfa loses control of his car after blowing a front tire, plunges into a ditch and rolls his car. Steve and Milner run to the wreck, and a dazed Bob and Laurie stagger out of the car before it explodes. Distraught, Laurie grips Steve tightly and tells him not to leave her. He assures her that he has decided not to leave Modesto after all. The next morning, Curt is awakened by the sound of a phone ringing in a telephone booth, which turns out to be The Blonde. She tells him she might see him cruising tonight, but Curt replies that is not possible, because he will be leaving. At the airfield, he says goodbye to his parents, his sister and friends. As the plane takes off, Curt gazes out of the window, seeing the white Ford Thunderbird, which belongs to the mysterious Blonde.
Prior to the end credits, an on-screen epilogue reveals that John was killed by a drunk driver in December 1964, Terry was reported missing in action near An Lộc in December 1965, Steve is an insurance agent in Modesto, California, and Curt is a writer living in Canada.

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