Sedan Sunday - 1931 Ford Model A "Sedan"

Body chopped 4.5 inches, chanelled over frame…
2x4 z'ed frame. Superbell 4" drop axle with dominator bags.
GM 10 bolt rear on a 4 link suspension with dominator bags. 
Cross steer rack and pinion. Possible to lay "frame" while parked…
and raises up to about 4 inches at ride height.
4 wheel disc brakes, front and rear panhard bars with custom built hairpins up front.
350 SBC with turbo 350 trans and 600 cfm edelbrock.
15 gal keg fuel tank. Pete and Jakes rod shocks all four corners.
Not sure...but what's that with those lower wheel arches in the rear?
Looks like this sedan once was a coupe or what?

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