Carhenge - For Sale

Carhenge... replicates Stonehenge, consists of the circle of cars. The artist of this unique car sculpture, Jim Reinders, experimented with unusual and interesting artistic creations throughout his life. His desire to copy Stonehenge in physical size and placement came to fruition in the summer of 1987 with the help of many family members.

Thirty-eight automobiles were placed to assume the same proportions as Stonehenge with the circle measuring approximately 96 feet in diameter. Some cars are held upright in pits five feet deep, trunk end down, while those cars which are placed to form the arches have been welded in place.

Carhenge’s uniqueness, novelty and unusual components continue to draw the attention of film and television production crews as well as over 80,000 tourists from all over the world. As the second most popular tourist site in Nebraska, Carhenge provides a tremendous ownership opportunity for entrepreneurs.

Currently Carhenge is operated as a nonprofit and the proceeds from its sale will go to pay off a small operating note with the remainder to be spent on promoting tourism in Alliance and college scholarships.
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