Gow Speed Hill Climb 2013 UK

This is the first solo event for the VHRA and it's going to be held at Prescott Hill from the 24th to the 26th of May 2013.

There's going to be a party for both Friday and Saturday nights, these will develop as the bookings role in so we can add to the entrtainment, for now they have some great DJ's and a burlesque dancer lined up.

However, the main part of the event is the Hillclimb on the Saturday.
They've managed to convince the people at the Bugatti Owners Club to let them take the cars up the world famous hill.
These aren't going to be parade runs, they’re going to be able to push their car as hard as they dare!

The event isn't open to the public per-se, it's extended to VHRA members and their guests.
If you're not a member, then tag along with somebody that is.

Check out the GOW! page on the VHRA website for more details: www.vhra.co.uk/VHRA/Gow.html

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