One Europe... Yeah Right!?

New Oldtimerstatuut Belgium...
Good news for the Belgium Classic Car enthousiast!
After seven years of negotiation, rules about driving a classic cars ( 25 years and older ) are being changed. See Link at

Meanwhile in Holland goverment plans are changing rules for classic cars in a negative way!?

What's happening in the Netherlands... right now they want to discontinue a law that has been here for ages. We allready are paying the highest amount of Road Tax in Europe, maybe even in the world!?
Oldtimers (25 years and older) alsways where exempt for paying this Tax, the government wants to change the law and have us all pay the ridiculous high amounts as if it was a normal cal for daily use. 
Can you believe this? We're not! This only will ban Classic Cars from our country roads as you allready can see at the export figures from this year until now...

So.... Dutch Ministers, stop calling out that all country's in Europe become one...
Or Just equal all taxes, laws & other rules and act like ONE (Europe)

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  1. As a Dutch Citizen, I fully agree with the above. The big cash pile that there are spending to much, is what must be filled up with money of the civilians. Well... One Europe as long as its in their best interest.

    Good one Skip !