Staggered... 1950 Buick

This is Dereck's, my USA acquaintance.... astonishing 1950 Buick
He recently sold it... but what a ride!
305 CUI V8 Chevy engine, 700r4 Transmission ('84 Caprice)
Heavily Slammed! Tons of work done to get it to lay frame and rocker.
Air bagged, twin 440 compressors, 5 gal tank, and 4 manifold valves.
60's Suburban trailing arm type Rear suspension.
Camaro front clip, original frame, super low with full suspension.
All drivetrain, suspension & brakes are late model GM 
Front suspention completely rebuilt
All brake components are rebuilt.
New hot rod wiring harness,
Most engine externals, driveline, exhaust, trans cooler, fuel system... New!
This thing cruises effortlessly down the freeway at 75.
New floors that are raised up 2 inches...
Lift it up to drive, lower it down to cruise, and lay it on it's nuts to show.
Draws a crowd wherever it goes with its perfect original patina!


  1. Mucho respect, this is what's it all about for a led sled , got any pics from a buick business coupe '39, my dream car ?

  2. Here U R Bob...