Traffic Thursday


  1. Interesting film clip of a day in LA traffic. Love the jazz, very appropriate for the mood. It looks like maybe this was shot shortly after the second world war was over. But what I am noticing as the traffic move along is the sky in the distance. It looks smog filled. If that is the case, it didn't seem to be a big deal then. Why's that?

  2. Dunno why G? Or is it the cam quality causing that look?

    1. Skip, do you mean lens distortion? Well maybe. I watch it again and it could be that, but I'm still inclined to think it's smog. Guess what I'm saying is smog has been a part of LA for a long time, and yet life goes on. I heard a story that the native Americans (Indians) tribes named that area "Smoky Vally". This was long before it was heavily populated.