Lead Sled Saturday...the beginning

Here’s a new "Label" post on request... “Lead Sled Saturday”

First... What’s a Lead Sled also called Led Sled. 
Well... mostly a car, generally built before 1960 ( 49/50 mercury, 49-54 chevrolet) that has had custom work done to the body. That involved finishing/molding with lead, as in the days before there wasn’t any Bondo.

Originally, the Lead Slead referred to extensively repaired/modified cars due to the use of lead as body filler and was, for the most part, an insult.

Since the introduction of artificial fillers (such as Bondo), the term has come to mean a post-war, large (full size, heavy) American car, mostly from the 1950s that tends to have all extra side moldings shaved off and filled, with the suspension lowered.
Lead sleds are mostly built for style, not for speed, however that doesn’t mean that they can’t be fast!

For more bodymods... like Top Chop, Frenching, Shaving, Channeling, etc... see in my Hot Rod Dictionary

In future... I will post about the Legends thats started “leading” and some that still do...

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