Midweek Movie - Clutch (2012)

1967 Chevrolet Camaro and 1969 Chevrolet Nova
1967 Chevrolet Camaro 
1965 Ford Mustang
1972 Dodge Challenger

Released: 2012
Runtime: 80 min
Director: Jay Rowlands
Writers: Jay Rowlands
Starring: Jay Rowlands, Alan Luxmore, Amy Colton

A struggling race car driver puts it all on the line.
He risks his life, friends, and freedom when he takes a wrong turn in his attempts to support his racing.

Sedan Sunday

Here's My Jesters CC Buddy Russ with his stunning 1928 Ford Sedan...
doing his first run (14.5 @ 96MPH) at Santa Pod Raceway, UK.
Photo by Mark Skinner

Nice VW eekend

1962 Volkswagen Vanagon Bus

Midweek Movie - Dragstrip Girl (1957)

Dragstrip Girl

Released: 1957
Runtime: 69 min
Director: Edward L. Cahn
Writers: Lou Rusoff
Starring: Fay Spain, Steven Terrell, John Ashley,

Dragstrip Girl is a 1957 film starring John Ashley in his first lead role.

The film was remade later that year as Motorcycle Gang...

1925 Ford Model T

1925 Ford Model T & 1949 Oldsmobile
1930 Ford Model 
1950 Flxible VisiCoach

Louise Blake, barely 18, pretty and out for kicks in a new town. Making friends is easy in the suped up hot rod that she built with her gear head daddy. She’s a hit with the drag race set pretty quick. Louise loves hot cars and a rich dragstrip racer. Her parents don't like either one.
Hot Rods, Rock and Roll, Drag Racing and a bit of robbery & murder.
Classic footage of hot rods riding the curbs in LA!
Dragstrip Girl is insatiable in her search for thrills...