Thurday Techspecs - 235 6 Cylinder Chevrolet

Firing Order & Timing: 235 6 Cylinder Chevrolet Engine ( Inline 6 )
Firing Order 235 Chevrolet 6 Cylinder Engine (Inline 6 ): 1-5-3-6-2-4

How to set Ingnition Timing:

Set the octane selector at “0” on the scale (Figure Below) 

Now attach a Neon Timing Light to the engine and run it at idling speed with light aimed at flywheel housing opening (Figure Below).

Loosen distributor clamp and rotate distributor body clockwise or counterclockwise until the steel ball in the flywheel lines up with the pointer ( dot ) on the flywheel housing.
( Look for the hole in the flywheel housing just above the starter )

Then... tighten distributor clamp screw and remove timing light.

Note:1949-1952 engines are timed 5° before Top Center

Note:1953 engine ignition timing is 2° after Top Center

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