Stone Woods Willy's Gasser

This pictures show's the Stone, Woods & Cook 1941 Willys Gasser.
To many, it's the most famous drag race car in history, even now, nearly 40 years since the last time it ran down a dragstrip in heads-up competition.

To understand why the S-W-C Willys holds such a revered place in hot rodding history, one needs to look at the events that swirled around the sport back in the early part of the '60s, when drag racing and the NHRA were just beginning to gain a national following beyond their roots on the dry lakes of Southern California.

Doug Cook. Born in Little Rock, Arkansas, in 1932, moved to Los Angeles with his family in the late '40s and was soon swept up into the burgeoning post-war hot rodding scene.
By the mid '50s, he was driving a '37 Chevy coupe with a supercharged Chevy 265, and later he drove a Willys for Howard Johansen of Howard's Cams.
When K.S. Pittman split with the Fred Stone and Tim Woods' team prior to the '61 Indy Nationals, they signed up "Cookie" to drive and wrench on their Swindler II '41 Willys coupe.

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