VonSkip... Guest Appearance @ Tigre Blanco ***** Roll The Nickels

Tell me... when have you ever seen a Hot Rod driving up on a stage at a theater show? Well here it is...
Tigre Blanco pulling out all the stops!

Tigre Blanco "Roll The Nickels"

A Video... me & my 1930 Ford Sedan,
Live at Tigre Blanco's Amazing Theater Show... "het Tijgersnest".
5 oktober 2014. Parktheater Eindhoven.

Sound: Geurt Engelsman
Lights: Koen van Kollenburg
Videoprojection: Ruben van Cauteren
Stage: Rob van Nieuwamerongen
Decor: Krijn Peters
Drawings: Rutger Termohlen
Direction: Lenneke Maas
Props: Von Skip
Special thanks to Parktheater Eindhoven
Special appearance by...
Aveyanda Skye (dance) 
Roel Spanjers (piano, hammond and accordeon) 
Mike Roelofs (content video projection)
Will be posting more of this unique show later on...
In the meantime... watch more of Tigre Blanco at www.tigreblanco.nl

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