Truck Tuesday

Somewhere in the US... Truck  Graveyard ( location unknown... anyone? ) I've read that none are for sale... a crying shame!
Would love to stop & shop there!


  1. What a paradise Skip !!! And the only thing that comes out of that idiot's mouth is: "Mustang convertible" !!! Unfucking believable !!!

  2. Yeah I know... I'd scream a lot more haha!

  3. Skip, You say "Location unknown...anyone?" I think I have a clue. At 13-14 seconds into the video a 70's Chevy truck appears with a license plate on the front that is pretty clear color wise. So I looked up License plates of the fifty states and found that the plate is a North Dakota plate. There are other plates on some vehicles too, but this one is very clear. My guess is that this junk yard is somewhere in North Dakota. Love your reply to Bob.

  4. Thanks for the look up G! Mucho Appreciated ;-)

    1. Sure Skip. Addendum: Also, at 16 seconds an early 60's Chevy, and at 33 seconds an early 60's Ford pick-ups come into view sporting South Dakota plates. So this confirms to me that this yard is in the Dakota's. North or South, just not sure which one.