1955 Mercury Montclair Rat Slead

Here's my current ride, and old friend... 1955 Mercury Montclair Hardtop Coupe
Real awesome Patina... Paint faded by mother nature!
Ford 390 V8 , C6 Tranny &  posi rear....

I'd Purchased this awesome Cuban-looking sled... in 2008 from Richard Rawlings...
Yes the Gas Monkey Garage one... 

When the Merc came in from the USA it was far from okay,
Lots of things are done to it to get it where it is today...
Brand new wiring job, Complete new framerails...welded in. Double Exhaust system.
Kustom made interior, green / white vinyl, Tiki-style!
Lowered front & rear. ( Bagged at Rear ), Fender skirts. Wheels freshly powdercoated
Rebuilt front suspension... Upper arm bushings, coils, shocks,
New brakelines,  gastank, Etc.
Finaly this thing turned out to one hell of "Rat Sled" that is a very reliable "Drive it Anywhere" Sled.

After a while Rinus... good friend and fellow CC member did take the Merc and he owned it for about 6 years... after swapping it back last November It's mine again ;-)

See some pics of the work done at: www.rodcitygarage.com

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  1. Awesome Skippy! Very nice ride. Keep up the good work bro and keep on cruzin'. ;))