How to Adjust your Drum Brakes

Thursday Tech Specs

How to Adjust your Drum Brake by turning the star wheel

1: Rais your beloved vehicle and put it secure on axle stands.
( If you have to take the wheel off to reach the adjuster hole...  
loosen the wheel nuts before raising the vehicle ).

2: Remove the plug ( if There's any ) in the back plate to gain access to the star wheel adjuster.

3: Turn the star wheel with the tip of a large flat screwdriver, by sticking it in the hole and move the screwdriver up or down...

4: If you don't know the right direction to turn the adjuster...
Turn it several teeth... give it some clicks, this should be enough to make the brake shoes jam against the drum, so no further movement is possible. If the brake will not jam, move the star wheel in the other direction till it will jam.

5: Back off until the wheel just spins freely. (Usual one or two clicks)

Below... BleepinJeep's Youtube Video also shows how it works...

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