Wheels of Fortune...

Damn... you got to be dedicated don't you...
Sometimes I wonder if some people do know what it takes to get an old car on the road again...

After inspecting the new Step Van project when it came in, I've noticed that there was one different rims size on it. The official recommended rim size should be 17.5 x 5.25 with 7-17.5 tires on it but in the past some dum owner desided to put a 16" rim with a 7.50-16 on the drivers side at front... This is no good... so I had to go on the lookout for some other fitting rims.
As 17.5 here in Neds is real hard to find... after a four weeks search I found some Used 4 Slot Factory Original 16x6.5 8 lug that probably came of a 3500 GMC Truck and picked them up in Belgium Yesterday. To bad... two of the four tires had some dry cracks in them and now I'm looking for a good replacent tire. Long story here but the only thing I would like to say that, something easy as changing wheels could take you about 1.5 months here to get it sorted well and that it's a shame that some guys ( buyers ) don't have any clue about the time and dedication that's spend to get a car or truck rebuilt and make it 100%. If they did... the probably didn't nag about every penny they want off the eventual selling price ;-(
Common Dudes... Lets start to appreciate the effort
some folks put in their projects / cars and Pay some respect!

Have a good weekend!

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