David & Lisa.. '50 Chevy COE / '46 Spartan Manor

Always nice when people give me a message to say how much they appreciate my Blog...

But... it's even more nice when they tip me things to post, especially if it's one of their own projects. This time I'm posting a real cool Cab Over Engine... a project that's send and owned by David & Lisa Haley from Maine USA.

Together with Wes, they brought this awesome 1950 Chevy COE / 1946 Spartan Manor to life. Spartan What you probably say? 
Yes... The back (RV) was originally a 25 foot Spartan Manor, 32nd unit built in 1946. It has been shortened 10" to fit a Truck frame. They also grafted the rear Chevy Truck fenders in, Real nice job Guys!

Thanks 4 Sharing!

More of this COE, and their other rides at: www.ourchevycoe.com


  1. I had a Manor converted to a motorhome years back. Now, I have a 38' Spartan Mansion mated to a 70 GMC (Gillig) schoolbus chassis.

    1. I would love to see pics if you have them

  2. Cool, a 38, wauw must been great to have that !!