T Ford Thursday

1927 Ford Model. Stock dimensions Built frame, with rectangular tubing instead of C channel. The front suspension Centers around a dropped axle and split wishbones, Posie's springs and Offenhauser friction shocks. Steering is performed through a Bell style wheel on an early Ford column, connecting to a Unisteer Cross Steer rack and pinion unti. Ford banjo unit rear end with bones, suspended on a Posie's Model A style spring, again using Offenhauser frictions. Ford juice brakes, and rolling stock is made up of '35 Ford wires and Coker Classic Radials. Modern 2.0L Ford OHV 4 cylinder Engine with fully synchronized 5-speed Transmission.

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  1. I believe that's an OHC engine. See the cover for the cam pulley just behind the upper radiator hose.