Cross Steering vs Traditional Steering...

Tech Specs...

Cross Steering vs Traditional Steering...
Who say's Cross Steering Isn't Traditional?
Well... Not Me, But for the Convenience Let's Call Them this Way.

Which Way To Go is the Best?
I Think Both Ways Just Work Fine... As Long as the Drag Link is the Same Length as the Hair-Pins / Radius Rods and the Longer the Better. I Believe It's up to the Builder and the Vehicle of Choice, Style, Looks, Flavor.... 

Cross Steering ( Vega Steering)...
The Preferred Method for Nearly All Cross Spring / Beam Axle Suspension Set Ups.
Used by Ford From 1935-On
The Vega Box is Probably the Smallest Reciprocating Ball Steering Box Around.
When You Suffer... Have Lack off Space Between the Frame Rails, Using the Vega Box Makes Sense.
Also...The System Suffers Far Less Bump Steer
Offers a More Comfortable Steering Column angle,
Frees Up the Much Needed Foot Pedal / Bellhousing Clearance
Cleans up the Appearance of the Chassis / Frame from a Side View (Some Say it Looks Better on a Open Wheel Car).

The Vega Steering Box is the Almost the Only thing to Consider on Model-T Through 1934 Fords. Also...  1935-1948 Cars Can Use a Vega or Saginaw Box which Gives the Option of Power Steering.
Btw... Vega Boxes can Be Made to Work as a Side Steer by Reversing the Box the Same Way As Done by The Corvair unit. Drill a Hole, Swap the Seal, and Drive a Freeze Plug in the Old Hole.

Traditional / Parallel Steering (No Vega Box)...
An Upper Steering Arm Allows the Attachment of a Drag Link to the Driver’s Side Spindle Which is Attached to the Spindle with Bolts Through the Upper two Backing-Plate Mounting Holes.

Traditional / Parallel Steering Will Work Best With The Following Combinations:
A 4 Bar Suspension Used With a 1968-73 Mustang Box.
A Hairpin Radius Rod / Split Wishbone Suspension... Used with a Reversed Corvair Steering Box.
A 1948-1956 Ford Pick Up Steering Box (with Traditional Steering).

Note: Of Course there are more Different Boxes to Use on Each Method. Keep this Article as Short as Possible, Ive Only Mentioned Above Options...

Feel Free to Share Your Experience or Ad More Idea's Below (at The Comment Section ) as That's Why I Wrote This Stuff Down...
Share, Help, Learn.

Cheers Skip' 

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