Midweek Muscle - 1969 Olds Hurst 442

1969 Oldsmobile 442 Hurst


  1. No Skip, this is the 442 model. Which means, wait. Maybe you know what 442 means. The GTO Judge is Pontiac. SS is the Super Sport Chevelle from Chevrolet. I like all those muscle car era models, but the 442 I think for that year had "The Look"! I see this one has a New York license plate on it. My home state. It's a truly beautiful state to live in geography wise, but since the liberal part has controlled it for so long I refer to it as "The People's Republic of New York. Which makes me very sad.

  2. I thought so but it was listed as a GTO, strange that some people dont know theré own cars haha. Thanks for the Comment!

    1. REALLY? The guy listed it as a GTO? Yes that is strange. Must have lost the owners manual. Hey, find any of your logo decal/stickers yet? ;)