Cruise to Doel - Ghosttown (BE) 23-04-2017

Yesterday me and some of my Jesters CC Buddies went to join the Scrapers CC and Polished Pistons CC on their "Cruise to Doel". Great Day, Great Peops & Location! Nice to see that a non official event without any money making organisation still exists. No smucking up the site with boots, vendors and other commercial shit but only the stuff that counts! Driveyourshit and hangout with friends and other acquaintances. Thanks Bro's... ScrapersCC, PolishedpistonsCC, SmoggersCC, JestersCC and all others that came out!
Here's a small impression / cool vid of yesterday by db frame...
  Abandoned Belgian Village / Ghosttown Doel.


  1. WHY? Can anyone tell me? No?

  2. What I've heard they wanted to expand the docks, but after most of the people left they diceded not to ? Thats why its an abanded village for the past ten a 15 years...