Skippic Saturday

Always Good Times... This week My Friends and JestersCC Bro's Polle & Betsy came over for a visit. My 1946 Ford Truck waiting in Line While Polle is leaving with his 1955 E-Series Studebaker Pick Up...


  1. Hey Skip, looks like fun times. Did you fire up the grill for a barby? Your '46 is lookin' good, such great potential it has. looks like you had a little rain going on there. Hey, where's my decals? :(

  2. Had a little rain indeed, so no BBQ ;-( The 46 sure has potential. saidly didnt have the tiome yet to work on it. About the Decalls... didnt forget you, its just... If / When Im sending you stuff, I want it to be good / satisfying!

    1. That's cool. I can appreciate your desire to have a good product Skip.