Chase N Honey / Turnin Rust

Wyatt and Lance Bush A father and son duo who together form Kravened Kustoms Now have a new show on the tube By Turnin Rust: Chase N Honey, Starting with Episode 1 & 2...  scavenging the web & the North East Texas woods in search of rusty relics. 
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Wednesday Coupeday - 1937 Chevrolet Coupe...

1937 Chevrolet Coupe / Slammed / Cust

Full Fendered 1930 Ford Model A Coupe

1930 Model A full fendered "Hot Rod"
Original California Car. Built to be a driver. Just hop in a go.
Mid 60's Paintjob... pretty much untouched since.
Does not have any rust or patch panels. 
Starts right up and goes, True reliable early hot rod. 
Converted to early Ford hydraulic brakes with all new lines, and 1966 Chevelle Master Cylinder. 12V Conversion with rebuilt starter and generator. Rebuilt Stock 4 Banger engine with a aftermarket counterbalanced crankshaft, Weiand Hi Compression Head. New distributor with petronix ignition. Stock 3 speed trans. Thomas 2x2 intake with dual Stromberg 97's. Reds Dual Outlet Header with full 2" dual exhaust and Smitthy mufflers.
New Champion aluminum Radiator, 1932 Ford Grille Shell. Dropped headlight bar with 1933 Ford Commercial headlights. 1950 Ford Steering box. 1940 Ford Steering Wheel.
Seat moved back 4" for additional leg room and comfort. New Firestone big and little tires (7.50 and 5.50s) mounted to powder coated black 1936 Ford wheels. 4" Dropped 1934 Ford front axle with new Posie Spring. New "tube" style shocks all around. All new "clean" wiring and plumbing. New suspension components (tie rod ends, king pins, etc..) For Sale, Canton, Michigan, USA.
Price: 22.500 U$D. More Info: Check HAMB ad: HERE

Truck Tuesday - 1933 Ford Pickup

1933 Ford Pickup / Underslung / Hotrod / V8

Skippic Saturday - 1946 Ford Pick Up Truck

Damn... wished I had more time, This Beautifull Patina Truck still is waiting in Line to be done. Or up for grabs if anyone would like to do it them selve ;-) Feel Free to Contact

Sedan Sunday - Lace Painted Model A

1931 Ford Model A, Hotrod Sedan
Unchopped / Channeled / Stickshift / Traditional Lace Paint...

Skippic Saturday - 1964 Chevy C10 Truck

1964 Chevrolet C10 Patina Pickup Truck, Photo taken by Me... Skip
at Chevron Gas Station, 800 5th St, Gonzales, CA on 27th October 2017