Panel Thursday - 1946 Chevrolet Panel Delivery

Very Cool barn-found ’46 Chevy from West Jordan, Utah has an undeniable appeal as the sort of vehicle that takes you back to a different time, this old workhorse has the patina everybody wants these days. It has the old fashioned, stenciled lettering on the sides and back door.  

This Panel apparently was an originally a two-tone vehicle with a green body and black fenders. A.J. French purchased the vehicle in 1947 and turned it into his shop truck, painting over the green shade with a maroon red and adding the details of his business to the body. After the business closed up sometime in the 60s, the truck was moved to a garage near French’s residence and left to sit for twenty years before being sold and shipped down to Utah. From there, the Chevy was given lots of maintenance, including new oil which hadn’t been changed in decades, new pushrods, a new condenser, and new set of spark plugs for its straight 6 Cilinder 216 motor. Other than that, it seems this brash Bowtie has kept everything else intact, from its patina to its interior. This no doubt had a hand in the ebay bidding war mid 2014 that ended with at 18,834.00 $. However the new owner must be feeling Lucky with this uber cool ride!


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