Skippic Saturday - Petrol Portraits Final Vid...

October 2017... Petrol Industries made this portrait about me Visiting my friend Alex Gambino and Searching Calli / USA for that hidden gem. Yannick De Jager, Niels van den Top and Tim Padmos did an outstanding Job capturing & editing! Joss Kottman went along to shoot a bunch of great pictures wich will be released within a few weeks, so This probably won't be the last footage I'll post about this trip. Sorry, haha. Anyway... here's the full vid, hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did! Cheers Skip'. In case you want to share this vid...  Here's the Youtube LINK


  1. Wow! What a shots, angels, timing, colors, nice job fellows. Good gear is half the beer ! Up yours !

  2. Skip, This is what great filming is all about. And, HELL YES! I want to see more, so please post when you can. You're a lucky fellow Skip, it's good you got to Calf. to shop at some great places to find those elusive parts in and around the state. I'll share this with my car buddies, and send those decal/stickers, I got to pass them out. ;) Cheers.