Sedan Sunday - 1929 Model A rat rod - The Felon

Here's something else... a 1929 Model A Rat Rod named The Felon. I know.. some will love, some will hate. But that in mu uppinion is the good thing about the rat rod scene, personalize your car. And when you do, there are always pro's and con's. I'll Let you deside...


  1. Well Skip, there's rat rods, and then there's crap. Sorry, this thin doesn't even look safe to me.

  2. I really can't tell from these pictures If its safe or not mate, as I can't see the welds and parts build style etc, I do know that the suicide front axle style isnt called that way for nothing ;-)

    1. Yeah, the front axle does look a bit tenuous at best. The things I see that to me are a little scary is how well is ones vision out of it (blind spots), and how does one enter and exit this coffin on wheels? O.o! Guess that's why it is what it is. A RAT! ;)

  3. Haha, well mine has some simular blind spots but it is doable ;-)

  4. But then again.. I dont have the bars in windows and no blower, that seems to be blocking the vision big time overhere ;-)