Midget Car Monday - Walt Faulkner

Photo: Walt Faulkner, 1946. Source: Unknown.

Walt Faulkner, an American racing driver from Tell, Texas.
Born on February 16, 1918, moved to Milledgeville, Georgia at the age of two-and-a-half, and to Lake Wales, Florida at the age of eight.
He then moved to Los Angeles, California in 1936. Faulkner competed mainly in the National Championship and in stock car races.
In 1950 Faulkner became the first rookie to win pole position at the Indianapolis 500.

Walt died April 22, 1956 after a qualifying crash at a USAC Stock Car event in Vallejo, California. Earlier in his career, Faulkner raced motorcycles and then midget cars for the Edelbrock dirt track racing team. He had great success in midget car racing and was inducted into the National Midget Auto Racing Hall of Fame in 2007.
Faulkner was also inducted into the West Coast Stock Car Hall of Fame in 2006.


  1. Skip there's an endless supply of images out there on this subject, all kinds of sprint car and midget stu...hey, I got one for ya. SPRINT CAR SATURDAY!

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