Skippic Saturday

Another Great Piece Of History R.I.P...
30's  Dirt Track Racer at Turners Wrecking Yard, Fresno, USA
Shot by Me During My Cool Petrol Trip Oct 2017


  1. Skip, what do you mean, R.I.P.? It's right there in your sub title; "Bring back the dead". I see lots of potential with that old five window. What a cool streetable modified sportsman that would make. :p

  2. JS... Haha, I mean Rust In Peace (for now ) its a tag I used for posting from the beginning of my blog. Meaning... Sitting For Now Until Someone comes and takes it to Bring it Back From the dead ;-)
    I See lots of work in it but def potential there too!
    Shame if this piece of history would go to lost...
    Cheers Skip

  3. Indeed lots of work, but if someone has a roll of hundred dollar bills and a dream?Oh yeah.