Sedan Sunday - 1919 Franklin Brougham Sedan

As Follow Up of My Previous Post About Franklin Manufacturing Car & Company I'd Like To Add This Cool Sedan.
An Amazing Franklin V-Windshield Survivor...
The 1919 Franklin Series 9B Brougham Sedan...
From the Mike Doyle Collection. (VIN/Serial: E55702)

It's One of Six Registered 9-Bs with V-Twin windshield per The National Franklin Club. Only 10,552 units were produced in 1920.
It Also Features The Slanted Grille... a Fake Radiator Housing Added Only for Style & Functioning as Air Intake Because the Franklin is Air Cooled and There is No Radiator There / Behind.

It Features an Aluminum body and the Smaller but Highly Refined 6 Cylinder Engine and Chassis. Giving Owners even More Ability in Difficult Conditions then Ever Before. As Well as Better Economy and Reliability.

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