Skippic Saturday - '32 RPU Progress...

Part of This Weeks Work on The '32...
Didnt Like The Seeing The Frame Coming out Under The Bed
So Desided To Make Some Truckbed Side / Subrails.
Started With Bolting on Some Square Tubing...
To Weld Them On So They Are Easy To take Off When Wanted.
Then Took Some Sheet Metal and Did The First Bending With My
Recent Found... Angle Bending Machine. Happy How It Worked Out.


  1. Nice job Skip, that really gives your truck a more finished look. Your recently found angle bender does a great job. I notice the bed still looks stock. Don't know if you plan to change that, but I actually like a bed that you can carry stuff in.

  2. Thanks JS! Dunno about adjusting the Bed, First Finnish It For Registration / Test. Then We'll Go From There, Cheers Mate!