Skippic Saturday - 1969 Chevy C10 Truck

Here's my previous Daily Shop Truck
1969 C10 Patina Truck But Can't Keep M All.
Converted to 350V8 and 350 Trans and Power Steering


  1. Ah man, I thought this would be a nice keeper for you Skip, but I guess there are other fish you got to fry. Just got to asks, did you do some sort of spray over on the hood and front fenders? If so, it looks really good. I'd say if you were to keep it, do the whole thing like that. :( Sadly it's not to be. Good luck with the sale, and I hope you get what you want for it.

  2. Yes I did Repaint The Front JS, Did it arty Faux Patina Style, Spraying... Sanding, not to much, Adding soem artistic Magic and Voila! I'd sure Like to keep it too... but Plans are changed, Its not running hard on the sale. No problem.. sure no punish to keep it! Still in Doubt of selling it anyway but cant keep m al indeed. Got New stuff inn also ;-)

  3. Skip you're just a motor head. And that's good. Can't say you're board. ;)