Thursday Tech Specs - How To Rear Fender Fab

Recently I Needed To Install a Set Of Rear Fenders For My '32 Roadster Pick Up Project...

I Wanted a Set That I Could Easily Put on an Take Off. As I Still Would Like The Option To Drive It Fenderless When I Wanted, Without A Lot Of Hassle. 

I Came Up With This Bolt On Option, 
As I Didnt Want To Weld (Again) On My Finished Rear Axle Also.

I Started With Making Up Some Brakets Wich I Could Mount On The Rear Axle With Some 70mm Exhaust Clamps. 

After That I Took Some Flat Pieces Off Metal (8mm x 40mm) 
Wich I Bend Into The Desired Shape To Fit My Fenders.

I Welded The Bended Steel Pieces Together...
So Finally I Got A Complete Bolt On Fender Bracket. 

I Bolted On The Bracket I Made At The Beginning...
Using The Pair Off (70mm) Exhaust Clamps. 

I Drilled A Hole Trough The Backingplate and Put a Bolt In It
Wich I Positioned Into Another Steel Bracket Welded On The U Shaped One. This To Prevent Turning The Set Up While Driving, Braking, Vibrating, etc...
Sorry Haven't Got A Good Pic Of That, But The Bolt Is In The Area Where I Put The Arrow In. Showing The Position... 
To Give You An Idea.

After Giving It a Fresh Coat Of Paint, The Set Up Could Be Installed.

After That I Took the Pair Off Cracked Rear Poly Fenders I Had Laying Around and Cut A Piece Of Off Them. I Turned Them About Half Way Clockwise To Give It A More Off Areodynamic Look.
This Way... In My Upinion They More Line Up With The Car. 

Happy With The Result... 
Plans For Later Are Replacing Them For Some Steel Motorcycle Fenders,  But For Know These Are Okay Enough. 

So This Was My How To... Fender Tech – Fender Fab
Hotrod Cycle Fenders Fabrication and Installation, 
Hope This Helps You Guys & Galls  Build and Install A Set Of Easy On and Off Rear Motorcycle Fenders For Your Fenderless Hot Rod In The Future. So You Don’t Have to Reinvent "the Wheel" ;-)

Anyway... Hope You Like It!
Cheers VonSkip 24/7Autoholic!


  1. Excellent work Skip. See, this is just the type of craftsmanship I to have for my projects. Friends who could get together and help each other out and have fun doing it. Sadly, there's no one around anymore.

  2. Thanks JS! Yes It Is... a Shame. Me.. Also Am Doing it Alone Most of The Time. The Time of Being Able To Wrench With Friends Seems Over Indeed. All To Busey With Their "Lives" I Guess