Skippic Saturday

This Weeks Work...Some COE Front Fender Frankenstein Repair


  1. So now I'm curious. Does he plan to hammer out all the dents in the fender after the creative welding work and clear coat over the raw and rusty metal? Or will it be sanded, filled, primed and painted? Lately I find myself on the fence with the clear coating over rust. Seems like every bodies doing now. I think on certain vehicles it works, but when I see a newer car that the paint has been sanded down to the bare metal, then allowed to rust. That just seems stupid to me. But I guess that's what makes our hobby what it is. There's all kinds of wild things going on with us motor heads. ;)

  2. JS, For Now I'm Leaving it Like It Is and putting Clear Coat over It indeed. Maybe After Registration, Put Some New SheetMetal In It. We'll See.As For You Opinion on The Newer Cars Sanded Down, I Hate That Too... Dare To Get A Real Rusty Ride And Make It 100% Or Drive A New One With Paint, Don't Drive a WannaBe Lookalike Haha. Cheers Skip'