Truck Tuesday - 1938 Ford Pickup


  1. Beautiful pick up from Hawaii. The Dodge COE from yesterday is a beauty too. I'm noticing more and more hot rodders, rat rodders and custom builders are doing the mat black paint jobs on their projects. Question. do you think there my come a time when this paint preference reaches a saturation point? Also, do you think the Auto manufacturing companies will pick up on this trend and introduce it into their new, SUV (or what I like to call them SUC's*) lines?

    *SUC's: Sport Utility Cars. Can you tell I don't care much for those ugly things?

  2. Haha Yes I can tell Js ;-)
    About the flat black paint.. I dont fancy it mutch too. Here in NL it isnt used much anymore... mostly on cars that need a quick cheap paint job as its easy to do yourself. I must admit.. Im Guilty too haha. But I dont think new cars will come and think it has reached saturnation, im sure it did here. Grtzzz Mate!